Being Present

As in living for the right now.

I think too often we all think of an outcome or a bad reaction to something in our past and it stops us from stepping out or taking that risk that could potentially benefit us.

It is trusting in yourself, then and now, that you can move forward no matter what your past has been, and knowing things can be different. That you can change and believing that other people can do the same.  

We judge people on their past with out even really realizing and we also do it to ourselves. I know I’ve had times where I think, “Hey, I really want to do this but I don’t think I will because before I tried to do something like this and I didn’t complete it. It didn’t work out the way I hoped.” Or maybe it’s because we have seen someone else try and fail.

You are not someone else. You are you and you are capable of knowing that if you believe, you strive and give your 200% that you can climb a mountain, read a book or anything you say you can.

Do not allow the judging of yourself by yourself, or what others think, influence what you know you are capable of. Judging is where is all begins or it all ends. In order for change to ever start happening you have to learn that even the people you don’t like or just someone you see as different than who you are, you must change the way you respond to those people.

We always feel so uncomfortable, like we are tip toeing around someone who might be judging us, and we don’t fully allow ourselves to open up the way we would to someone we do like or see no difference between. We are spending so much time worrying about the differences and not trying to find the similarities and connecting in the way we need to end the building of walls and instead we can start building bridges!

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