Dealing with Differences 

When starting my blog I didn’t have high hopes or any expectations. I have been blessed with the many loving people who read and really enjoy/understand what it going on in my crowded mind. With this endless support there has also been negativity. 
Being who you are and loving what you do will lead to persecution. You will be ill-treated, judged and made fun of no matter if you are doing right or wrong. This is where the big decision comes in, what are you going to do? Are you going to keep doing what you love or just give up? 
Choosing to continue on is the path taken by those with true passion. We must prepare ourselves when doing what we love. First we must start by expecting it. “If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you” John 15:20 states. This is saying that those before you have been judged while doing the same as you are now. Do not believe they will not judge you as well. 
Building up our strength through enduring this persecution creates a different view point. We sometimes have a certain image in our heads that this is the way things are or have to be. Getting criticism puts you into a place of thinking about your actions and what people dislike about them. Enduring this will cause a positive change we might not of ever had if someone wouldn’t have told you how they felt. The hard part is letting yourself make that change and sticking to it not because someone told you to, but because it is what is best for you. 
The fun part about negativity is that it can be changed into something positive by embracing it! We must welcome in the criticism and hate by listen to what they say. Now this sounds a little weird right? We think we shouldn’t listen to what they say because you should just “do you.” Well if we want them to listen to what we say it is only fair to give it a go for them!! Negativity can have 1 of 2 outcomes, either it will make you come to a stop and change what you are doing or push you to become more of who you are and get through what you want to teach this world. Embracing what others have to say will only make your teachings more powerful and true to your original values. 

Keeping up on my blog has been difficult, but within the past month I have grown. Sharing my thoughts and putting what I have to say out there for the world to read has really allowed me to start becoming who I want to be. I suggest to anyone who has a passion to pursue it whole heartedly and never allow yourself to slip away no matter the amount of persecution. Letting go of bad and holding on to the good is creating the world I want to live and love in. 

The 3 E’s: Expect



Following these will lead to satisfaction in not only you, but the ones you help in-power. Let your heart be open to all the world has to give, but let your month be open to saying everything it needs to say. “Don’t ever worry when you are being persecuted, the only time you should worry is when you’re not ever being persecuted at all.”

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