Best Friend

What is a best friend by definition? “A persons closest friend.” How many can say that have a “best friend” by definition? I know I can. Just having that one person you know you have no matter what. The closest to you in all matters. The one you tell every little detail about your life to. They probably know you like the back of their hand. 

So many times I feel like we get comfortable. We just expect that person to be there at every waking minute no matter the situation. Yes that’s what we think, but how many times do we take this for granted. Lately I have been realizing my thank you’s have run short. I have been thinking about all the things people constantly do for me, with or without me asking. The amount of times these acts have occurred are much higher than the amount of praise I’ve given to the people who deserve it the most. 

My biggest flaw I think is that I never really get through to people just how much I appreciate what they do. Constantly I can take and I can give in return, but it will never show someone how thankful I am to have them. Letting someone know that you are grateful for them is one of the best feelings another person can feel. I know when someone tells me “hey thank you for doing that for me, it really help out” after a long day I feel a lot better about what I’ve done. I have been taking and taking without giving as much in return. Telling someone simply thank you can go so far, but it isn’t always enough. By definition I need to be the best friend too. I have to listen, solve problems and help the other in return. 

I have been lacking when it comes to being a best friend to my best friend. Letting someone know you are there through it all is what matters the most. Nobody likes someone who isn’t here to stay in this world full of temporary people. It’s times to open up my ears and listen. I need to take my turn to fix my mistakes and others, but also apologize for the ones that can’t be reversed. What can we do to make others more aware of our gratitude? This has had me stumped for awhile. I don’t want to just tell someone thank you. Thank you means something, but it’s not always meaningful. What about switching it up with an “I really appreciate you” or “your the best”? I am still stuck on trying to become better, everyday I am learning.

Tell your person you care about their feelings too. Tell them you are so thankful they exist. Let them know they are loved and they are cared for. Now starting being a best friend back to your best friend. Whatever you need to say, say it. We can never overuse thank you, so make sure you use it often. Let others know you appreciate them and just how much you love having them in your life. I am so thankful for you. I am so happy you are in my here & now. 

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