Thank You to my High School Best Friends

4 years of seeing each other each and everyday, spending every waking minute together and getting into an unbelievable amount of trouble was what we were known for. Thank you for all the Friday nights of sport events ending with a weekend filled with parties, shopping, movie nights and food runs. Thank you for giving me a group of people who for some reason stuck around no matter the arguments, back stabbing and rumors. Thank you for teaching me that even though we grew so close for so long, some friendships weren’t really friendships. Thank you for being my best friends when you want me to be, even if it wasn’t all the time. Thank you for letting me feeling like I had it all, until I didn’t.

Coming from a long list of past friendships that ended in arguments, discouragement and just an overall end (because some friendships just have to die), college was the bright light at the end of the tunnel. In the past 3 months my life has taken a complete 360 all because I realized one little, but major thing.

You cannot allow yourself to be surrounded by others who don’t encourage you to grow, love and lead in your spiritual, educational and social environments. The really funny part about people is that no matter how much we want to read into things, they just don’t make sense. Sometimes we get this little guy in the back of our brain saying “they are so great, they love you, they are awesome keep them around”, but they’re so so so wrong. The way someone treats you is exactly how they feel no matter how much we want to deny it day in and day out.

I truly believe God has led me to Purdue and into the arms of such amazing, beautiful people for a reason. They have shown me what it means to care about others before myself, give my education all I’ve got and push through the tough times no matter how much they really suck. The friends I have gained have made me question (on a daily basis) how I never found people like them sooner which made me realize they deserve a big thank you too.

To my friend who started it all: Thank you for being my first best friend on this crazy huge campus. For leading me in the right direction on the path to educational success and for always motivating me to work harder day in and day out. You make me smarter.

To my friend who grows me in my God: Thank you for loving to belt your heart out to every song at church with me. Having someone to open my heart up to about my deepest beliefs came so easy from the first day we met. I am eternally grateful to know you have my back in every sticky situation and are willing to lift me up when I’m down with just the right things to say. You make me powerful.

To my friend who I look up to: Thank you for showing me the meaning of success. You are the definition of a self-taught genius. The hard work you put it school, friends and yourself inspires me to push myself to my limits. You drive yourself to be the best you can be and when you reach the top I know you’ll turn around and give others a hand. You make me motivated.

To my friend who makes me seem less crazy: Thank you for being your all over the place, overwhelmed self. You are open to everything new and good, even if you have to have a freak out to get there. You stress and worry, but at the end of the day you can let loose with all the girls for a little bit. I can’t always get myself to care about everything the way I should and you teach me that a little freaking out is just fine when I space on something important. You make me the calm before the storm.

To my friend who reminds me to live a little: Thank you for making the little things matter and the horrible situations seem not so bad. The positive attitude you bring to life even when the going gets tough astonishes me. We have known each other for no time at all, but still we fight like sisters and make up in no time. You drive me nuts, but who doesn’t like nuts. Life is exciting with you. You make me fun.

Getting walked on, blown off and talked down to is not normal, no matter how often it happened in high school. Best friends should fill you will all of the positive love your heart can consume. So thank you high school best friends, you have made my new start to life so unexpected, but so full of love and happiness. It was a long time coming.



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