9 Spring Break MUST HAVES

My mind is permanently located on a beach for the time being because this time in just ONE WEEK my happy bum will be sun kissed and glowing (thanks FL). With travels coming so soon I realized I am not prepared AT ALL so I better get together some personal favs. These are just a few of the things I know have to be in my suit case to get me through the week:

1. Sunnies
A girl can not go to the beach without a few pairs of rocking sunglasses (I will lose at least 1 pair, guaranteed)


2. Moisturizer
A really really good moisturizer + burnt, peeling skin is a God sent. A little pricey, but trust me belif works miracles. 12/10 would recommend


Okay okay so I know I tried my hardest last year to jump on this bandwagon, but now I am in full worship mode of this beautiful creations (+ i can eat all the chips n guac i want without worries)


You heard me right. Dig through your mama’s closet and steal these bad boys. I know these have been quite popular the past few years and I am in utter shock if everyone is not as big of a fan as I am. Literally everything I ever need sitting hands free at my waist, in cute patterns and monograms (jk I’m not the girl, okay maybe sometimes, but lets not talk about it)


5. Speakers + Music
Well if you’re anything like me you have an odd obsession with bluetooth speakers and listening to music 24/7. Spring break music is probably one of two ways, non-stop country (not complaining) OR lots and lots and lots of whatever is popular right now (I’m talking 2974934 a day ‘Closer’ in the summer popular)

Country go-to’s: Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt, Zac Brown Band
When in doubt hit up spotify and I promise the ‘hoe anthems’ playlist never disappoints

Pricey-er fav: https://www.amazon.com/Altec-Lansing-LifeJacket-Generation-Bluetooth/dp/B00JYQOXAO

Cute lil clip speaker to match with your fanny pack 😉 : http://www.jbl.com/JBLCLIP2BLUAM.html?adpos=1o4&creative=48796139935&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CjwKEAiA3NTFBRDKheuO6IG43VQSJAA74F77QjGck7X3Nm5PaoQEPfFGSiLZxGkAsqle1SpW-mNxhRoC0orw_wcB

6. Hats Hats Hats
Seriously can not stress the importance of packing a few of your fav baseball, big brim or any other hat you prefer. They are absolutely my best friend on vaykay. Too much sun on your face yesterday? Hat. Woke up with bed head and maybe a little sand still in your hair? Hat. Wanna take a nap during your tanning sesh, but sunnies just aren’t cutting it with the sun in your eyes? HAT. These are just a few reasons so don’t fight me on this. You all obviously have your own go to baseball hats so I’m not going to mess with that, but I did come across some very cute vacation hats so enjoy!!


7. Cover ups
Personally I would rather be the one who lives in a bikini 24/7, but sadly on vacation there are still those places with ‘no shoes, no shirt, no service’ (how heartbreaking). Fun news is though is that there are some extremely cute and fun cover ups out this season so go snatch em up!


8. Beach Bag + Towel
Every. Single. Time. I go to the beach I forget a beach towel. I’m not talking the little white, half the size of my body towel, I mean the big, colorful, thick and full towel I can actually lay down and MAYBE not get completely submerged in sand. And what’s a beach towel without a cute beach bag to shove it in along with all of your other essentials (tanning lotion, tanning oil and more tanning lotion).


Alright you got me, these might not be a MUST have for everyone, but come on just look how cute. You can actually just lay in the middle of no wear looking extra cute in your one piece swimmy and laying on a floating avocado. Okay maybe not the cutest or most idea (I’d get hungry out there), but give it a shot.


As you can tell from my long list of essentials I have may or may not be paying that extra fee for an overweight bag at the airport. I hope everyone enjoys their fun in the sun as much as I know I will. Catch ya on the tanner side beach babes.



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  1. You totally forgot lots of peach Taaka :p

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