Life of the Party

Many people close to me know that this past March my sister was ‘wifed up’ and I had the honor to be her Maid of Honor. With this I was of course expected to give the legendary speech and though a large majority of my readers were not in attendance they were curious as to what I had to say. For everyone who has been asking for it, here it finally is:


“Hi everybody! I want to start off by thanking everyone for being here to celebrate Allysha and Hunter’s very special day. Allysha, you look beautiful as always (especially your hair, ya welcome)! And Hunter you don’t look half bad yourself HAHAH kidding looking snazzy brother!

But sister, I am very honored to be here standing by your side on the best day of your life(besides the day they brought me home from the hospital lets be honest). My sister is getting married or well I guess she is now.

I don’t know why I’m saying this because this isn’t news to me and it hasn’t been for months now. I think what is finally news to me though is growing up.

When we were growing up I never ever thought we would be in the places we are now. I don’t think I ever had an actual answer for “what do you wanna be when you grow up” and that was never I problem for me till now. I know exactly what I want to be, or so I thought. As most of you might know I am at Purdue studying Retail management to become a stylist at the age of 18, which I think is kinda completely normal a little bit right?

Well just a few minutes away my sister lives happily graduated from college, commuting back and forth from Indy for a graduate school she worked her butt off to get into and a sparkly ring on her finger. Though we fight like no other, steal each others clothes even though we haven’t lived under the same roof in over 5 years, she is still my role model. She is a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a best friend and now a wife. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how many people realize my sister is only 20 and she’s done all of this? 

HAHAH Yes, 20 i know. I am a major slacker at this point I’d say. Even when we were growing up I would take a tiny step forward and Allysha would jump 10 ahead.
Allysha has never really been to one to slow down, like literally that girl is always speed walking I swear.

But every time I tell someone my sister is engaged they kinda stare at me in shock its actually pretty funny. I’m not sure if they are confused how she graduated college so early ( i honestly don’t know how she did it either) or if they can’t wrap their heads around the fact someone is “leaving the party so soon.” I was definitely one of those people when my sister called me to tell me about her engagement.

My first answer was definitely more ”Wait ?? what do you mean??? are you sure this is right for you? you have so much more to do before you plant your roots!!” and way less of a Congratulations!!! Im so happy for you.

I was the biggest critic of their relationship. Even though Hunter and I have bonded so much since day one from our love of Zac Brown Band to forcing Allysha to eat B-dubs even though she swears she’s a vegetarian. Today as I stand here in this gown surrounded by everyone who loves Allysha and Hunter almost as much as I do, I get it.

My sister isn’t leaving the party early. The party for her is just getting started. Each and every day she gets to do exactly what she loves for the rest of her life even if it means doing absolutely nothing. When she travels the world like I have begged her to do, goes grocery shopping on a Tuesday night because she ran out of smiley face fruit snacks or when she just needs to dance it out when I’m not around, she will do it with love in her heart and a best friend by her side.

My sister will be a party animal for the rest of her life because after today the party never ends. “


My heart is so happy with the love she has found and I wish only the best for their marriage. Sister and new Brother, happy almost 3 months of forever. 




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